Car Denting & Painting

Dr Super Car Care

Car Denting & Painting

Dr Super Car Care specialises in car dent repair and car painting services for all makes and models. Whether you need to fix a small scratch or a huge dent on your car, our expert mechanics can help you with all car body repair services.

Our end to end denting and painting solutions include car scratch repair, car paint repair, car bumper repair and more. Dr Super Car have trained technicians and equipment technology to restore your paint jobs original look and feel with high quality and cost effective. Also MFCS has tie ups with various insurance companies to give complete denting and painting services to the customer in terms of cashless facility.

Car Denting & Painting in Bihar

Body repair helps to improve the appearance and resale value of the car.If you wish to get rid of those scratches and dents on your car, call us today or get an estimate online on our dent estimator tool.